Rewind Therapy

About the Association

The association was founded by Dr. David Muss : Licentiate Memeber of the Society of Apothecaries (LMSSA) UK;  Laurea Medicina e Chirugia  (University of Rome. Italy ) 

His interest in PTSD was triggered by his wife's near death tragedy .
Since 1988, Dr. Muss has worked as the Director of the PTSD UNIT at the BMI Hospital, Birmingham, UK.

These are the accredited trainers from the UK

Are all profesionally qualified and can be found on this website under "Find a Practitioiner". To remain as a practitioner, every two years a minimum of two successful case histories have to be submitted and approved. The results achieved by the practitioners have been amazing and so many have achieved more than their trainer.

IARTT - International Association for Rewind Trauma Therapy

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