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                                                        WEBINAR RECORDING

 Acquire a recording of the live webinar with 5 hours CPD and free post training supervision. 
. After looking at the 4 videos and the Rewind manual you will feel confident and, importantly, competent to use the Rewind to treat your clients/patients and you will always have free supervision.

Cost  is just £50 ($65).
As the originator of the Rewind tecnique and founder of IARTT my wish is for this life changing treatment to be accessible at minimal cost to practitioners for the benefit of trauma surviovrs.   

To purchase:   APPLY HERE >

Once you apply you will receive a Paypal invoice(option to pay with credit or debit card even if you do not have Paypal). Upon confirmation of payment, all material will be sent within 24 hrs.

 You will also get a CPD certificate for 5 hours BPS(British Psychological Society approved) confirming your competence to practise the Rewind but, you are required  to complete the attached IARTT MCQ- and achieve 100% correct answers. You will have 3 chances to do so. If you fail you will receive a certificate acknowledging participating but not granting permission to practise the Rewind. The webinar is accompanied by the latest manual updated and resource information.
Currently,the Rewind is in the final stages of undergoing a randomised control trial by academics at Cardiff University. The protocol is published in the European Journal of Psychotraumatology. To view click this link: The reconsolidation using rewind study (RETURN): trial protocol  The RCT is now completed and the successful results will be hopefully published this year.

                                              FEEDBACK FROM THOSE WHO HAVE DONE THE COURSE.

Dear David.
I would say that learning the Rewind technique has been one the most significant things I have done since I started practising. It is so simple and so effective and has really increased my confidence in supporting individuals who have experienced traumatic experiences.  So, thank you for developing it and for the support you offer around it.
JUNE 2022

Hi David,
Thanks for the training. I enjoyed it so much and have already successfully used it in practice! This technique is a world-changer! LG  MARCH 2022 
Hello David,
Thank you for the materials. This is absolutely fantastic! Such an in-depth approach to training.  I am so looking forward to starting work through the videos. 
Grateful,TS  April 2021 

 I use the Rewind Technique almost every day in my private practice which is growing so much I now need to take on other therapists to help me. I am very grateful for your support. Regards BP October 2021.

Hi David
I did your training in October 2019 and have been using Rewind alongside my colleagues who also have done your training in St Mary’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) in Manchester. We have had huge success with Rewind with a lot of our clients even using it with our trafficked clients through use of interpreters.
I just wanted to let you know that we are also presenting Rewind as part of our annual SARC conference next week so will direct many to your website.
Thank you for such a great approach to trauma Kind regards KF  March 2021

Hi David, I hope you are well. I trained in the Rewind technique years ago and can honestly say it is amazing, having had fantastic and life changing results.

I attended your training in 2018 in Birmingham and thought I would let you know how useful Rewind is to me in my practice.
I am currently using telephone and Zoom with clients, I have found these methods work well with Rewind.
I have continued to use Rewind with bereavement and found it particularly useful with complex grief and also Covid 19 deaths, which have much trauma attached to them.
I have also used Rewind for a wide range of problems; recently with clients suffering shame, guilt, loss and the after affects of domestic abuse and stalking.
Clients usually come to me with anxiety and depression, as we talk I often find much of this is trauma based and offer Rewind.  I find once I use Rewind clients are able to concentrate on what is happening with them in the present which enables the client get a better therapeutic result.  JW              


"I am really pleased with the progress that my clients made, the Rewind technique, in their language, gave them their ‘life back’. The treatment for traumas that in some cases go back 50 years, has enabled my clients to make positive decisions in areas of their lives that they did not consider affected such as their sleep, relationships, ability to work and plan for the future.
For me, I am so pleased that I undertook this training. To be able to help people on such a ‘deep’ level as this and to help restore their lives is a privilege. "

"I completed the rewind trauma training webinar with you at the beginning of April.I thought I would share with you the recent result of using the rewind with one of my clients.My clients initial score was 45 then two weeks later the score was reduced to 18.My client cannot believe the difference it has made to him as he no longer has flash backs or intrusive thoughts about his trauma.His partner has also noticed a positive change generally in him."

It feels wonderful to have something that is so effective and quick. It's also (relatively) easy on the client - in the 4 cases where I've used it, it has worked with only one run-through so thank you again. HT

Hi David. Since the training I have used Rewind almost daily . I have found it to be very effective in my treatment of trauma and have used it here with the police and in private practice.  I think on the IES I had one lady first time at 65 and second down to 8.  She was back in work and functioning something she didn’t think would happen. I am so pleased that I came along and did the training and have talked about it since.  HB

For in house training, please apply to an accredited trainer(read more at "THE COURSE" above).   

  APRIL 25TH 2020    

 JULY 4TH 2020

To apply: please click on the links below:

Hi David, Only wish I had been trained in Rewind years ago.  I am a Counselling supervisor and have encouraged supervises to attend.  As a result it is now being used at West Yorkshire Police and NHS West Yorkshire.




Further Training Dates 2018



The Rewind, in clinical use since 1991.
Approved by the British Psychological Society Learning Centre for the purpose of Continuing Professional Development (6CPDs). 
The outcome of the course is to impart the Rewind so that participants leave competent in its use. 
The demand in the UK is around 4 million.NHS England treats around 1.5 million. Only 25% are with CBT or EMDR in the NHS,the remaining are given drugs. 

Timetable 10:-16
To book: 
 Dr. David Muss Originator of the Rewind for PTSD.
Saturday 31st August Rewind day course : Facilitator Laura Keegan accredited IARTT trainer from RASA Liverpool


IN HOUSE WORKSHOPS- for voluntary organisations.
If you have more than 10 volunteers, happy to provide in house training at minimal cost to you. Contact me at Organisations already using the Rewind: Rape Crisis, Mind, Police, Bereavement counsellng, London Fire Brigade (post Grenfell),

3rd FEBRUARY 2018
Saturday 3rd FEBRUARY 2018
At The Old Fire Station East Leeds LS9 6NL

10am to 4pm
 £70 for the day including lunch & CPD cert

TO BOOK please email or call Georgia Cooper on 07710 024 595
OCTOBER 13, 2017

 BESTT (Brighton and East Sussex Talking Therapies)

Course run by Jen Popkin- accredited Rewind Trainer 

venue is Annexe 3VA, 
8 Saffrons Road Eastbourne East Sussex BN31 IDG. Organisation is BESTT (Brighton and East Sussex Talking Therapies). Contact: or 01323 430803 or 01273 672140
Dr. Muss, the originator of the Rewind, will be facilitating the training in the forthcoming workshops:

Birmingham University

June 10  Feedback:
Hi David, 
 I wanted to say thank you. It was really good. I did the treatment on my sister over Skype last night. It took some time identifying her trauma but she got there. After a couple of hours she told me that when she thought about having a panic attack she's no longer feeling anxious, the anxiety has gone. She said it's amazing. I on the other hand didn't want her to get her hopes up just yet! I told her to wait two weeks. I'll speak to you again soon.
July 10-
Hi David,
IES attached and  I did complete one before the Rewind and I recall you saying something along the lines of me having PTS. I remember it was well over 25.  Anyway, I can tell my scores have gone down. I feel much happier, sleeping much better and most of all I am not getting very upset about the trauma when I see and hear reminders. I am in a completely different mindset. I have sent my sister the form and will send that to you once I get it back from her- I have been nagging her for it all last week. Her panic attacks have stopped by the way.

September 16 Feedback
Hi David
I really enjoyed the training and your style of delivery. I am looking forward to having a go with the Rewind Technique soI can feel confident to use it. 

CONTACT: Via this website or
17 Feb 2017
ARTT - The Association for Rewind Trauma Therapy ( ) and FAMSA Knysna and Plettenberg Bay(Registered Rewind Trainer Centre) Present Rewind Technique Workshop for Treating PTS/TSD If you work with traumatised clients, this may be the most important training you do. Date: Wednesday, 1 March 2017 Time: 09h00 – 16h00
Venue: The Rock Church – corner of Main Street and Queen Street, Knysna
PROGRAMME 09:00 Workshop starts
11:00-11:15 Tea and Coffee
11:15 – 13h00 Workshop continues
13:00 – 13h45 Lunch break –( please bring your own/take-away shops nearby) 13h45 – 16h00 Workshop continues
The first part of the workshop is spent on the theory of how the Rewind works and looks at the advantages of replacing coping strategies such as CBT with the definitive filing of the distressing and recurring involuntary recall .This is followed by considering the best way to assess the need for treat- ment and how to demonstrate whether the outcome of treatment has been successful. There will then be a practical demonstration.
The second half is practical. Every delegate will experience the technique and be competent to use the Rewind Technique by the end of the course. The workshop ends with a questions and answers session.
Online support whenever needed after the course. A comprehensive manual on how and when to use the Rewind will be provided so note taking can be kept to a minimum. This workshop programme is suitable for those who wish to help clients that have been traumatised by surviving or witnessing life threatening events and are consequently suffering from Post Traumatic Stress. Learning outcomes and objectives
  • Competence in applying the Rewind Technique
  • A clear understanding of how and why the Rewind works
  • A solid grounding in recognising and treating PTS/PTSD Facilitator: Sue Sutton Therapist from England, registered with the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP). She has a par- ticular interest in working with grief and loss, and trauma. She is certified as a Rewind Technique trainer for the International Association for Rewind Trauma Therapy (IARTT). Sue Sutton has been a FAMSA volunteer for 4 years – firstly coming through Travellers Worldwide and then returning every 2 years combining a tourist visit as well as offering her time to FAMSA for which we are very grateful. All profit made from this workshop will go towards assisting our community through counseling, trauma support and training. Booking information. Fees: R750.00. (EFT can be made prior to the workshop or can be paid at the office in Spring Street before the workshop) Early bird special - register and pay by 24 February and get 10% discount R675-00
TO BOOK: Confirm your intention to attend by emailing the Registration Form below to: or calling 044 3825129 REGISTRATION Rewind Technique FAMSA Knysna Name and Surname Cell no. Occupation Council Registration number Email Address Address Describe your involvement regarding Trauma Work Payment Method

Become a Rewind Technique practitioner.


If you work with traumatised clients (rape, abuse,  domestic violence, near death accidents etc.), then this is possibly the most important training you will ever do. 
Approved by the British Psychological Society  for 6 hours CPD 
                            Cost: £185   Numbers limited to 70 
(founder of the International Association for Rewind Trauma Therapy
28 Jan 2017
Vicenza workshop completed 28/01/2017
Bucharest: February 4th 2017
Workshop started at 9am and ended at 7pm. 85 people attended.