The Course

The FACE TO FACE workshop consists of a one day course so structured:

The first half of the day is spent on understanding the difference between PTSD and PTS. The theoretical basis on how the Rewind Technique works at neuronal level. Comparing the advantages of the Rewind Technique with other treatments such as EMDR and CBT.  How to assess the severity of the impact of the trauma on the individual and how to assess treatment has been successful.
There will then be a practical demonstration. 

The second half of the day is practical: delegates will be given the opportunity of being both therapist and/or client.
The workshop ends with a questions and answers session. 

A comprehensive manual on how and when to use the Rewind will be provided.


Competence in applying the Rewind Therapy

A clear understanding of how and why the Rewind works

Free supervision


Live or Recorded Webinars (see Forthcoming Courses)

In House Workshops For individuals
requesting training at a venue organised by the trainer: the cost may well vary for organisational reasons due to the expenditure to provide the venue and catering but will not exceed £185 pounds per individual if catering is included)
Customarily it will be between £ 65 - £185 per individual.

In House workshops For organisations
requesting training in house, the cost will be agreed at the time,depending on numbers of delegates and entirely up to the trainers.

                                       FEEDBACK FROM THE COURSE
Hi David I attended your training in Nov 2018 at the blizzard building which I really enjoyed and have found working with your technique really exciting and the results I'm getting are fantastic. I have attached 2 case studies of which in one the follow up is more than 2 week's however I did see this client a week after and she said it had worked but with Xmas holidays and her exams the scored follow up was longer. I wanted to include her because her transformation is huge. When we met I felt she would need long term counselling and now we will finish our sessions next week and she is looking forward to her future with a really positive outlook and I love my job even more. So I thank you for the training you have given me and the opportunity I have now to use it. 

Dear David,
I did attend the workshop in London in November 2018. I first want to say a big "Thank you". It was a great day and a pleasure to meet you.

After the workshop, a bit sceptical, I had 2 clients with emotional trauma. The results were amazing. Please see attached my 2 case studies and their IES.
HR 2019

Rape and Sexual Abuse Merseyside
Hi David 
I hope you are well. 
I have been using your rewind technique with great success since the workshop, we now have a peer support group within RASA which I facilitate once a month, this helps everyone to focus on following your guidelines and keeps us all feeling confident in using it. All of our therapists who have been on the course benefit from getting together and supporting each other with it. We have all experienced good results and feel it is really improving the work we are able to do with our clients. So I want to say a massive thank you. This really does change lives!  
Best wishes 

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