Rewind Therapy

Case Histories: 2 Week Follow Up

For survivors treated and followed up after two weeks
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Armed forces / Veterans :  42 (six case histories WW11 to Afghanistan) 19. 21. 35. 50. 51. 73. 80


Sexual abuse

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Car AccidentGender: Female (with Asperger’s Syndrome)
135 Car AccidentGender: Female (with Asperger’s Syndrome)Age: 26

Date of trauma: 2016
Nature of trauma:
Client had a collision with another car. Client was the driver. Client suffered whiplash but other than that not physically hurt. The pers ...

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Bullying-suicide ideation
134 Gender: Male Age 28

Date of trauma: February and the March 2019

Nature of Trauma: Bullying by Manager at work until an incident occurred where client was made to feel humiliated in front of work colleagues (February) The ...

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9 year old got stuck in a toilet on holiday, dead insect in the toilet with him
Age: 9
Date of Traumas first 2018 second 2020
Nature of trauma: 2018 got stuck in a toilet on holiday dead insect in the toilet with him.
2020 whilst at school blowing up a balloon in the classroom thought he had swallowed orbs in the balloo ...

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Maltreatment by Physician
Maltreatment by Neurologist 
Male, age 57
Victim with both real and imaginary traumaTrauma:
Neurologist diagnosed client with a life limiting disease in a cruel and insensitive manner, refused to run tests to rule out other possible c ...

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Sexual assault by babysitters boyfriend:
Age: 44 Gender: Female Date of trauma: 1983
Impact of trauma: Single incident.  Threatened with death, strangled to point of feeling dizzy and felt trapped in her own home. Lasting problems: Trust issues, hyperv ...

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Traumatic grief involving failed CPR
Current date 5/12/19 Gender, age of client, Male, 45 years Date of trauma March 2016 Nature of trauma Traumatic grief involving failed CPR 
How this has impacted their life: Flashbacks, accumulating stress resulting in a period off work. low m ...

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Partner died in tragic circumstances nearly 5 years ago.
Find attached a recent Rewind case study, where the client has improved significantly. To quote “It's actually crazy what a difference it has made!!! No idea how it worked I was so sceptical. Amazing!!  I genuinely noticed a difference ...

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Gender: Male
 Mid 40’sDate of trauma: ChildhoodNature of trauma: Physical and mental abuse

Impact of trauma: Flashbacks and somatic symptoms.Panic attacks, depression, anxiety and sleep problems.

Previous therapy: Yes

IES before rewind 63

IE ...

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Parent Gender Change
Gender:  MaleAge: Mid 30’sDate of trauma: ChildhoodNature of trauma:
Parent gender change 
Previous therapy: Yes
IES before rewind 59
IES after rewind 1
How has this affected the client’s life: - This client was able to view chil ...

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Client’s husband died dramatically in her arms
 Female Client (HM) - Grief and Trauma Client: Female aged 50.   Client treated 31/12/2019 Client’s husband died dramatically in her arms. Client felt ‘hijacked by this trauma several times a day. She felt exha ...

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Father in law, whom he was very close to, died of cancer.
Date of session: 26/11/19Gender: Male aged 39Date of trauma: 11 months agoNature of trauma: Father in law, whom he was very close to, died of cancer. He died in his living room and my client can’t get the visual of situation out of his head. ...

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Death of close friend from cancer
Client: YGender: FemaleAge: 52Treatment: 25.4.20 
Trauma happened 3 months ago, death of close friend from cancer.Impact: Prior to treatment, she would wake in the morning overcome with anguish, guilt and sadness – her life was full of i ...

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124 Coma for 3 months
Female - aged 50yrsTrauma - 2014Treated Nov 2019IMPACT TO LIFE:   Client had a chest infections which developed into swine flu which left her in a coma for 3 months, she remembers all that was done to her whilst in the coma, pain, conversations ...

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123 Groomed
Female - aged 39yrsTrauma - From the aged of 14yrs until 3yrs ago (1994-1996)IMPACT TO LIFE:   From the age of 14yrs the client was involved in a relationship with a 25yr old male, although unaware at the time, she was groomed, left in a room fo ...

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122 Death of Family member
Female aged 22, PTSD from death of uncle 5 years ago.Initial IES score before RT - 51Two weeks later at check-in, IES score - 7Another transformative affect of outward appearance of client - radiant.The day after RT was 5th anniversary of death of un ...

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121 Child Sexual abuse and domestic violence
Case Study 1 - Female age 50, CPTSD from CSA and domestic violence.Initial IES score before the RT- 49 Two weeks later at check-in, IES score -10 It was as if a 'different client' walked through the door. she no longer had a grey pallour an ...

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120 Vicarious Traumatisation
Female 55, Married and living with husband and adult daughter.PRESENTATION:Client experiencing flashbacks and nightmares relating to an incident at work which resulted in serious injury to a colleague. Client was unharmed in accident but was involved ...

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119 Sexual and psychological abuse
Male 33, Single and living with adoptive parents.PRESENTATION:
Severe and debilitating anxiety, currently prescribed anti-depressants and unable to work but desiring a return to work in the next 6 months.HISTORICAL PROCESS IDENTIFICATION:
  • C ...

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    118 Pathological Grief
    Collapse of her mother where my client then used cpr to save her.  It is complicated by the fact that although she saved her, the mother wishes she had been allowed to die as she is now severely disabled.My question please is do I treat my clien ...

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    116 Patient's fingers were severed from her hand when a playground gate was closed on them
    117 Took MDNA at a party. He thought a friend was trying to kill him with a knife.
    Date: 13/12/19. Gender: Male. Age of client: 17. Date the trauma/traumas occurred: April ‘19. Nature of the trauma: Had a bad experience when he took MDNA at a pa ...

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    116 Patient's fingers were severed from her hand when a playground gate was closed on them
    13/12/19. Gender: Female. Age of client: 12. Date the trauma/traumas occurred: 2006. Nature of the trauma: The patients fingers were severed from her hand when a playground gate was closed on them. How this has impacted on th ...

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    116-suicide victim found hanging at playground
    Male, late 30’s who took his young daughter for an early morning viewing of the sun rising at the beach on her birthday, stumbled onto a young male who had hung himself from the children’s swings.  Trauma changed his whole perce ...

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    IS A MEASURE OF SUBJECTIVE STRESS M Horowitz, N Wilner, W Alvarez - Psychosomatic medicine, 1979 - This is a self administered questionnaire. A score above 25 indicates need for treatment. A score after treatment of 25 or below indicat ...

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    115 Fireman-called to house where children died
    Rewind Technique 
    Case study 1. Male, in 40’s in the Fire Service.  Called to a house fire in 2007, where children died, PTSD since revolving around ruminating over missing a small ch ...

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    114. Sexually abused male child now aged 45
    Male client aged 45. Childhood sexual, physical and emotional abuse. Trauma in adulthood from violence within family. Multiple flashbacks but one had a bigger reaction and would happen more often, so we worked with that flashback.IES score befor ...

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    113. Daughter raped.Mother vicariously traumatised
    Female Client 44. Mother of survivor of rape, (incident occurred within the last year). Had intrusive thoughts very often of the sexual violence scenario, with multiple triggers. Vicarious trauma through supporting daughter.IES score before rewi ...

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    112. Childhood sexually abused female now 39
    Female client aged 39. Childhood sexual abuse and physical trauma from family. Triggered often into multiple flashbacks. Would dissociate. Worked on multiple flashbacks in one session as they were linked together.IES score before Rewind - 6 ...

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    111. Horse riding. Hit from behind by vehicle, horse killed,rider air lifted
    Female aged 43 involved in RTA . Horse riding hit from behind by vehicle, horse killed( euthanased by vet at roadside) . Rider broken back/ arm airlifted to hospital. 

    Seen by me 1 year on fromt the event , still receiving physio for injuries , b ...

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    110 Survivor of childhood sexual, emotional and verbal abuse as well a history of bullying
    I had two sessions recently with a survivor of childhood sexual, emotional and verbal abuse as well a history of bullying.
    My client is transgendered and is 23 years of age. 
    She has embarked on various journeys in the world of therapy, trying to ...

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    109 Vicariously traumatised at the age of five
    24 year old man who works as a refuse collector driving a bin lorry.

    At the age of 5 he returned home from school to find his father who was also a refuse collector who drove a bin lorry, at home and very upset as my client's uncle (his Dad's brother) ...

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    108 Hospital staff witnesses failed attempt at fiance being resuscitated in A&E
    42 year old woman worked at the hospital that he was brought to and went to A&E where they were trying to resuscitate him.

    She was still regularly being troubled by thoughts and images of his death 10 months afterwards, when I treated her.

    Pr ...

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    107 TRAUMA associated with clients own childhood sexual abuse and separate acts of sexual abuse carried out by client, for which he was imprisoned over 15 years previously
    Client had engaged in various types of therapy and had made some progress but could not stop mental images of his own abuse and the harm caused to direct and indirect victims though the abusive acts he carried out on others.. Client presented to me a ...

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    106 Genocide
    Treating Traumatic Memories in Rwanda with the Rewind Technique: two week follow up after a single group session.”“Traumatology”

    David Muss ...

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    1) Family member's illness and death
    Issue was intrusive thoughts about illness and death of a family member
    IES before Rewind 54, after 12.

    He feels stronger, more able to divert himself from intrusive thoughts, which now come less often and less vividly; more accepting that he has exper ...

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    2) Childhood abuse
    Client had been experiencing frequent flashbacks to scenes of abuse; after Rewind, he can think about them if he wishes but they no longer trouble him, he has a greater sense of being in control of his thoughts about the episodes, this is something w ...

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    3) Mum told her daughter she was nearly killed in her cot buy her father
    Female, age 14. Suffered regularly for several years from panic attacks and disturbed sleep. Had abusive, alcoholic father (no longer living in family home), and mother had told her he had nearly killed her as a baby in her cot. Pre Rewind, IES ...

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    4) Regularly awakes with vivid dream of dying
    Male, age 24. Regularly awoken in middle of night sweating, with vivid fear of dying. This started after being woken one night, around two years previously, by telephone call about close family member who was critically ill. Used Rewind on incident w ...

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    5) Scapegoated and publicly humiliated in a whistleblowing incident, where he was bringing certain irregularities to light
    Client had been scapegoated and publicly humiliated in a Whistleblowing Incident, where he was bringing certain irregularities to light and informing his shareholders. He was removed from his job  and a number of false and vicious statements wer ...

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    6) Traumatic birth - personnel assaulted by a patient in the ambulance - came across man that drowned himself
    Hello Dr Muss.I attended your days training in Belfast this year at the Balmoral hotel. 

    I wanted you to know that I have used the Rewind with at least 10 clients who had severe trauma - some with 70  and over on your scale are now b ...

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    8) 7 year old brutally attacked by another 7 year old
    I worked just this week with a girl who experienced a very frightening physical attack from another child of the same age. The incident happened 2 years ago but continues to affect her with images and strong feelings and is now affecting current peer ...

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    7) Drug addict broke into her house while asleep
    Female age 15   Traumatic event: drug addict broke into her house, through the front door, while she and her mum were in bed, mum disturbed him, at the top of the stairs. Mum then went into her bedroom where they phoned the poli ...

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    8) Fainted in the office - "What if it happens when I am driving"
    Client  had a seizure or fainting episode in her office; she lost consciousness for a while and fell from her seat onto the ground. She had never previously fainted or experienced anything which made her feel she might lose consciousness. It was ...

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    9) Thought he would be murdered
    Male aged 20. 2 years ago he had witnessed a violent attack on his father ( in the family home ) and believed that he was going to be murdered. Described great agitation in parental home and preferred to be anywhere but there- panic attacks and errat ...

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    10) Birth to a full-term stillborn child
    Female client aged 46. Had experienced several traumatic events over the decades including extreme violence in her childhood home, had witnessed an horrific RTA and had given birth to a full-term stillborn child. She came to me having “gone to ...

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    11) At aged 4, found his father unconscious in the family home after an unsuccessful suicide attempt
    Male client aged 18. Presented with anxiety, stress and panic attacks – unable to relax or focus- pervading sense of dread.Described how at aged 4, he found his father unconscious in the family home after an unsuccessful suicide attempt.
    Only tr ...

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    12) PTSD following car accident
    39 year old female Involved in car accident resulting in personal injury.

    Presenting Issues: Fear and anxiety around cars, unable to get in a car, panic attacks when hearing or seeing a speeding car, unable to walk near traffic, difficu ...

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    13) Sea Cadet dies despite 16 year old attempting to rescue him
    16 year old female. Involved in rescuing adult male from drowning in harbour, whilst with group of Sea Cadets.  Male was intoxicated and then threw himself back into the water and did not survive.

    Presenting issues:  Flashbacks, nightma ...

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    14) Brutally raped two years ago
    Female, aged 29 years, who was brutally raped two years previous. 

    This lady had been in counselling for over a year as well as attending group therapy, none of these interventions enabled her to move on with her life and we seemed to be ...

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    15) Panic attacks after heart attack in a previously fit 51 year old athletic man
    He had been training for an iron man triathlon 3 years ago, suddenly and unexpectedly had a heart attack and had to undergo bypass surgery. 

    After returning to work he had been experiencing feelings of fright and vulnerability triggered rando ...

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    16) Assaulted prison officer
    (1) Male, late 30s, prison officer attacked by prisoner in enclosed space
    Suffering symptoms of PTSD for 3 years post event. Nightmares, sleep disturbance, relationship and anger issues. Now able to work on relationship issues and moving forward& ...

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    8 Case histories from Italy - Vicenza
    1 - caso: aggressione verbale da parte di una professoressa TEACHER VERBALLY AGRESSIVE TO PUPIL Ragazza età 12 anni, la professoressa di italiano le consegna i compiti dicendole che il compito è andato malissimo e glielo dice urlan ...

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    19) Critically injured truck driver plus PTSD
    A 59 year fit and healthy man – long distance truck driver on permanent night work was critically injured in RTA whilst working.  He was referred to me via his GP for NHS counselling in Primary Care. 

    His injuries were very serious and ...

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    18) Sexual abuse as a child
    Male, early 20s, highly functioning but recent low mood and intrusive thoughts. Sexually abused as a child. PTSD symptoms- dreams, bodily sensations(involuntary shaking) Suffering OCD behaviours.

    IES week 1    45
    IES week 2  &n ...

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    19) Special forces operative in 80s. Anti-terror activities - 2 separate London Bombing incidents
    • Age 53 • Interval between being traumatised and coming for treatment. 25 years • Whether has attempted treatment before and if so for how long and what was the treatment:e.g CBT, Solution focused, E ...

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    20) Child sexual abuse - now 45
    Female, aged 45 years, who had survived child sexual abuse.  

    This client suffered from flashbacks, depression, anger, sleeplessness, PTSD and was triggered very easily, throughout her relationships with men.  She was eager to try a ...

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    21) Extreme bullying during four years in the armed forces
    Male: 38 years old
    Issue: Acute Insomnia. 

    Session 1. In our discussion about his insomnia it came to light that he had spent four years of his service in the armed forces stationed at a base where he had been subjected to extreme bullying. It was ...

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    14 year old panic attacks - 73 year old run over at zebra crossing
    I CASO: INVESTIMENTO SU STRISCE PEDONALI 73 YEAR OLD KNOCKE DOVER AT ZEBRA CROSSINGSignora di 73 anni (1942), investita sulle strisce pedonali mentre si recava in chiesa, in compagnia del parroco. Soccorsa dall’ambulanza, è stata ricover ...

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    22) Female refugee
    Female refugee
    Interval between being traumatised and Rewind Therapy - 2 years. Previous treatment - none

    Presenting issues:
    Flashbacks, problems sleeping, reoccurring nightmares, intrusive thoughts, fear, anxiety, depression and bouts of tearfulness th ...

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    23) Mother developed PTSD following still birth of daughter
    Woman aged 43, the daughter was born dead, Mum was able to touch the body of her daughter just a few minutes.

    The woman is a kindergarten teacher , and after 4 months from the loss she wanted to go back to work because she likes her work, but every ti ...

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    24) Sexually assaulted while a trainee at work. 30 years of PTSD
    I just treated a women who has been suffering post trauma symptoms for 30 years, she was sexually assaulted whilst she was a trainee at work.  She discharged herself from therapy after her treatment as she has had no flashbacks and is ...

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    25) 9 year old
    Male age 9
    Prior to rewind we had 5 sessions of counselling in school.
    After the death of his mum he now lives with dad and step mum. 

    Presenting issues;-Specific flashbacks of being unkind to his mum before she died. "videos in my head" and p ...

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    26) 34 year old female presenting with acute anxiety and depression - sexually abused as a child 25 years ago
    Hi David,

    I thought you might be interested to hear about my most recent case study:

    34 year old woman presenting with acute anxiety and depression due to sexual abuse as a child 25 years ago (her elder sister was also abused in her presence by the sam ...

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    16 year old male referred via a psychiatrist
    The traumatic experience 2 years previously of being stuck in a lift for over 2 hours and then being cut free.
    It had been 2 years since he had been able to go anywhere near a lift, travel in the back of a ...

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    28) Domestic violence - RTA - Unfaithful wife - Attempted rape
    Woman aged 31. Life event:  10 years ago domestic violence and trying to protect self and baby.Still had strong feelings about incident, trying to block it out, history of anxiety and depression affecting current relationship and impending ...

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    29) Discovered partner dead in bed
    Male - late 20’s. On returning home from his birthday celebration 3 years ago he discovered his partner dead in bed. She had undiagnosed diabetes. They had an 18 month old child. PTSD symptoms – nightmares, flashbacks and depression.  ...

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    30) Rape; Car accident; OCD multiple traumas
    • Trauma - Multiple  Sex - Femal Age - 35 Number of events - Interval between being traumatised and treatment. 30 years 
    Past treatment - None  Presenting issues - The client came to me with intrusive thoughts and images, sha ...

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    31) "Better off dead" after horrendous sexual abuse
    She has endured the most horrendous physical, psychological and sexual abuse imaginable, survived being in care, being adopted and arriving at my office at the end of her tether having thoughts of wether she would be " better off dead".She was comple ...

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    32) Two Cases 1) Bullying at work incident 2) Rape
    Lady 59 years old, bullying at work incident,
    avoiding going out to busy places, fearful of seeing the colleague involved. 

    IES pre rewind = 49, 

    IES post rewind (3 weeks later) = 2

    Lady 32 years old, rape,

    hyper vigilant, ...

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    33) Two cases treated at workshops
    TRAUMA WAS 33 YEARS AGO..  Had lots of therapy over the years of different  sorts but what troubled was the residual 'film' in her head . The film had got less traumatic and colourful (more black and white? ) over the years but still kept p ...

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    34) Three not so usual cases
    Case One – A dream that wouldn’t shift  Male, age 45   Interval between being traumatised and rewind treatment: 9 months.   Past treatment: None   Presenting symptoms: Anxiety, flashb ...

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    35) 10 Case histories
    COMPETITIVE SPORTSMAN IN ACCIDENT REDUCING DAILY MOBILITY: FEAR OF FALLING AND IDENTITY ISSUES:AGE:  32 - maleInterval between being traumatised and coming for treatment for Rewind: 2 years.Past treatment: Various talk therapies and CB ...

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    36) Raped 15 years ago
    Has had numerous psychiatric interventions, medications and various treatments, even admissions. Has self medicated with alcohol, and over eating. Has constant nightmares and anxiety attacks particularly just before going to sleep. I did the rewind t ...

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    37) Long-term violent relationship with Father
    I attended your training day on the Rewind Technique in November last year. I have used the technique on my eldest daughter whom suffered as a result of my long-term violent relationship with her Father. I was not aware how this trauma had been impac ...

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    38) Trauma started at the age of six. The client described multiple traumatic childhood experiences including sexual abuse
    The Trauma: This client was diagnosed with complex trauma and we were working with a childhood memory.
    Session 1: IES-Revised prior to Rewind = 52 (cut off 33)
    Session 2: IES-Revised one week after Rewind = 33 (
    cut off 33)
    As the score of ...

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    Female: one physical assault as a result of domestic violence that happened 3 years ago.

    Involuntary flashbacks on a daily basis. 
    Session 1: IES-Revised prior to Rewind = 
    Session 2: IES-Revised two weeks after Rewind = 
    : ...

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    Age – 45 Interval between being traumatised and coming to you for treatment – 16 years past treatment – Tried lots of NLP type treatments, which have helped with the other issues but this particular flashback was pro ...

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    41) Client in her thirties: Teenage abuse
    The Trauma: This client was diagnosed with complex trauma and the client came in to session in crisis because she had accessed a childhood memory and felt destabilised by it.

    Session 1: IES-Revised before Rewind = 47 (cut off 33) ...

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    42) Six case histories of veterans treated successfully with the Rewind
    The amazing advantage of the Rewind is that, as in the case of civilians, the veterans are not required to disclose any of the events they were involved in during deployment.
    The vets so far treated: 
  • WW11 on retreating, a w ...

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    43) Angry and Strict mother still affecting
  • Age – 40
  • Interval between being traumatised and coming to you for treatment – 25 years
  • past treatment – Has been working with talking therapy& ...

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    44) Sexually Assaulted diagnosed with Aspergers and ADHD
    E16 Year Old Client Diagnosed Aspergers and ADHD 

    Sexual assault

    Score at start of rewind 51

    Score end of rewind 26

    Kim Watson ...

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    45) Friend committed suicide. Guilt for wishing friend was dead and resulting depression for 3 years on account of thinking about it
    Here is the dilemma: have a client coming in two days for a Rewind session.…His best friend who had bipolar committed suicide, and the client's guilt over having the thought that he wished his friend was dead, has had him depressed for the las ...

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    46) Two Cases: 1) Sexual abuse and drugs 2) Traumatic surgery leads to binge drinking
    Client 1
    Young woman suffering from anxiety and depression and from a difficult home background with a suggestion of sexual abuse in the past.  Client had engaged  in substance abuse but not at time of therapy and had cut herself and made at ...

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    47) Victim of domestic abuse lived for years in fear
    This lady was a victim of domestic abuse and escaped from her partner.  for the last couple of years she has been living in fear.  Locking and checking doors and windows, not going out on her own, just terrified that he will find ...

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    48) Lady anxious since childhood - see what caused it. Resolved with the Rewind
    The other lady was anxious all the time and felt that she had been like this since her childhood; we worked back to an incident when her grandfather died.  She was playing and only heard her mother screams at the news.  Which  ...

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    49) Two cases of trauma one 15 years ago and one six years ago
    Just to let you know that I have used the Rewind technique with 4 people since attending the training in March this year.  The feedback was positive: for example a 15-year old trauma which scored an IES of 56 reduced to 23 at one month follow-up ...

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    50) 22 year old soldier returning from Afghanistan - onset six months after discharge of hallucinations and nightmares
    Had been active for four years. Started seeing the Taliban in his back yard. Constant nightmares.
    As ususal, he was asked what recall he would like to deal with and in which order. 
    Four traumatic incidents were dealt with.

    IES from around the sixt ...

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    51) Army medic returning from Afghanistan treated successfully via Skype with the Rewind technique
    I used the Rewind with a client using skype and it was very successful. 

    I had done a full skype session in advance of the one where Rewind was conducted to acquire full case history and conduct risk assessments. 
    She was an army medic wh ...

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    52) Child abuse; riding accident; car accident; suspected suicide
    I have now used Rewind a number of times for a variety of reasons and have had excellent results this has included child abuse, a riding accident deaths - a car accident and a suspected suicide. 

    Meryl Hargreaves ...

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    53) Traumatic Bereavement. Rewind enables the grief process to move on
    I used Rewind on a client with a traumatic bereavement taking her through the events leading up to and just after the death; score before rewind 49, score two weeks after 28, so a significant improvement. It has enabled ...

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    54) Two cases:14 year old witnessed Home Explosion, mother and partner within. Sexual Violence on wedding night
    Female aged 41 years.  This client suffered sexual violence from her first husband on their wedding night.  Although she is no longer married to this man and is happily re-married there has been a lot of fear around for this client in relat ...

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    55) Mother troubled by recurrent image after she found her son's body following his suicide
    I have used the Rewind technique successfully on a woman whose son had committed suicide.  My client had found the body and she was troubled by the recurring image of this rather than other memories of her son.  Immediately after doing Rewi ...

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    56) Held hostage for three days. Subjected to multiple rape, abuse and torture
    The nightmares decreased by approx. 50% one day after the Rewind
    Subsequent feedback showed a further reduction over the month. 

    Caroline Zanussi

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    57) 17 Year old assaulted on Boxing Day 2012
    SB is a 17 year old male client student, studying at a college of Further Education. He has a normal medical history except for mild epilepsy. SB suffered a traumatic assault on Boxing Day 2012, as a result of which he developed high levels of anxiet ...

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    58) Twenty years of intrusive images in ex TA 43 year old
    MD is a 43 year old male who had served overseas in the Territorial Army (TA). He had been referred because of recurring intrusive images which had persisted for 20 years; the images were not of battle conflict, but of his mother, whom he had discove ...

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    59) One Rewind and gone?
    One Rewind and gone?Tonight my male client came in and told me he was amazed that he hasn't thought about it even once in the past two weeks. He was a high 30's on the memory we Rewound two weeks ago, and told me he has not thought about it even once ...

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    60) Pathological grief following 3 year old's death
    This client had suffered a traumatic bereavement of her child 3 years ago. After the incident she returned to work after a few weeks. She had continued to work until around 2.5 years later when she just found it impossible to continue. She had coped ...

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    61) Brutally attacked a year ago - thought she was going to die
    This client was attacked quite brutally around 1 year ago and at the time she thought that she was going to die. Since that time she has been unable to return to work because of Post Traumatic Stress. She has suffered with panic attacks, sleeplessnes ...

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    62) Distressing recall causing ongoing anxiety for 10 years after wife developed a stroke on their wedding day
    35 year old man who had developed PTSD after his wife had suffered a stroke on their wedding day 10 years previously. In addition to disturbing flashbacks about that day the young man had developed profound anxiety about his health and believed he ha ...

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    63) A young man with Aspergers
    "A"is a young man with diagnosed aspergers. After initial therapeutic treatment with rewind which was very successful following a full nervous break down,he was able to return to a more sociable and enjoyable life, having been severly disabled b ...

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    64) Twenty one year old raped, had given up going out
    I have just seen a young lady (21) in surgery who was referred by her GP as she was raped.  The trauma was such that she moved in to live with her grandparents and would not go out. I saw her and did the t ...

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    65) Recurring images of (forgiven) partner cheating in the past
    I  recently rewound a woman who could not get over her husbands cheating quite a few years ago. She kept on thinking of them together even though she'd forgiven him and he had done everything he could to make amends. One Rewind later, and the th ...

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    66) Rewind for Assaulted or Abused College Students
    I use the Rewind failry frequently as appropriate with clients in the FE college where I am employed. It has been particularly useful with students who have been assaulted or abused.

    Jo Lockett MBACP (Accred) Counsellor (inc. Crisis Sup ...

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    67) Recurring image of son's dead body
    I have used the Rewind technique successfully on a woman whose son had committed suicide.  My client had found the body and she was troubled by the recurring image of this rather than other memories of her son.  Immediately after doing Rewi ...

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    68) Grandfather prosecuted for child sex abuse devastates 12 year old grandson
    I have been using your technique  for other issues and found it to work.  In school I was referred a 12 year old who had been told that his grandfather was being prosecuted for child sex abuse.  This young boy was devast ...

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    69) Wonderful help for trafficked Nigerian woman
    Hi David ... Just wanted to let you know I ve just done Rewind with a young Nigerian woman who has been trafficked ... She is amazed at the immediate healing affect on her ... She feels so much lighter already ! Wonderful !! 

    Amanda Hewitt  ...

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    70) Rape victim treated successfully with the Rewind
    Hi David, I just wanted to let you know about a patient I have been working with.  She was raped a few months ago and was referred to me as she was struggling with many issues stemming form that.  

    On her first session&nb ...

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    71) VICARIOUSLY TRAUMATISED after witnessing dog attack resulting in the death of a young girl
    A recent session was about an event where the client witnessed a dog attack a young girl ...the girl died 2 days later and my client has been left terrified of dogs and having very disturbed nights hearing dogs barking ...Rewind has really had a posi ...

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    72) Recall of father's death after client experienced a near miss on the highway
    I have used the technique again - this time for a man whose father died about 3 years ago. His father had a problem when they were driving, ambulance was called and father died in hospital. Subsequently client had a near miss accident on the motorway ...

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    73) Fear of being terminally ill following father's sudden death
    Another success I had just this week.  A young women who came to me with health anxiety and worried that she was terminally ill.  This came from the sudden death of her father and how she had to deal with it.  The image and f ...

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    73) Bosnian veteran treated
    His initial IES Score was 51 after 2 weeks it has come down to 28 , He felt that the first trauma had been dealt with to some extent but another trauma was effecting him more now. So we did the treatment again on the trauma that was bothering at ...

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    74) Attempted rape; 2) Sexual abuse; 3) Complex childhood trauma; 4) Vicariously traumatised
    I thought I would report back to you after having had success using the Rewind Technique following your training workshop back in September.
    I have subsequently used the technique with the following clients:
  • 26 year old female, had an incid ...

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    75) Trafficked woman - so different after Rewind!
    ....I am still using rewind within my therapy with good results especially for a client who was trafficked and her scores started at 49 and stayed in the 40 s for some time but this week she got a score of 22 and looks so very different is on ...

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    76) Sexual abuse and rape 12-13 years old - now 30
    Since completing the training (in June 2012), re: The Rewind Technique for PTSD, I have used the technique three times with the same client - in June, July and August.  The client’s traumatic life event was sexual abuse and rape, which hap ...

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    77) Successful REWIND with couple traumatised after armed burglary
    In my private practice, I have been working with a mature couple displaying
    symptoms of traumatic stress following an armed burglary during the night at
    their remote country home two years ago. They received some counselling at the
    time, however they we ...

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    78) Severely traumatised following dog attack
    Female client who was severely traumatised following an attack by a dog that bit the woman in the breast and arm leaving some very nasty scarring. Her score pre technique was 65 and post technique was 31. As this score was above the 25 threshold I of ...

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    79) Car Accident; Years of Abuse from Partner; Vivid Memories of Parent Dying; Also,two cases of difficulties with the Rewind 3 recent cases:
    •  I used Rewind with someone still suffering from a car accident some years previously, she had 2 sessions of Rewind and three weeks later reported no troubling thoughts or flashbacks.
  • Another  was someone I saw for ongoing work who h ...

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    Atrocities constantly recalled after 1990's Bosnia and Kosovo conflict "put to bed"
    Dear David, I would like to thank you for your assistance in treating me with the Rewind technique for post traumatic stress disorder that I was diagnosed with in November 2011.  This has been a number of traumatic experience’s in my life ...

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    80) Case 1:Nightmares and flashbacks for over a year and half after father's death. Case 2:Trauma hiding behind protective fog
    Just to let you know that I've had another couple of successes with Rewind.
  • One was quite straight forward, flashbacks and nightmares for eighteen months, gone in a couple of days after one Rewind.The interesting thing for me is that they are a ...

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    81) Emotional and physical abuse by both parents. Two difficult cases successfully treated
    I now have two cases to tell you about where Rewind was a great success.
  • The first one is a young woman who had experienced emotional and physical abuse by both parents. First Rewind was for a frightening experience with Da ...

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    82) Three cases: Rape and violence
    As you will see I have used the re wind technique on various clients with very positive results.  I find using it is such a positive tool and clients come back saying how it has changed their lives.   ...

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    83) Panic attack after car accident
    Client experienced trauma following car accident. Experienced panic attacks if car accident seen on tv/ film. 
    Client would avoid  travelling on motorway. 
    Her score before Rewind 27. 
    After rewind 5. 

    No longer anxious if accide ...

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    84) Three very different cases: Disabled after surgery; Disabled after motorbike accident; Childhood trauma
    I attended your workshop on November 2011.
  • I have just used the technique on a client who has had scored 50 on the assessment and now scores 15. We will be using the technique again because the trauma has been ongoing over a period of 4 years. W ...

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    85) RTA; Domestic violence to a minor; phobias
    I have used Rewind on 2 PTSD clients.
    • One a car accident 
    • the other a domestic incident involving severe injury to a minor.
    • Both very successful. 
    I have also treated several phobics, again with great success.

    Neil Pickering
    neil_pickering@ ...

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    86) 15 year old finds his mum hanging following suicide at home
    I used your technique very effectively recently with a 15 year old who had found his mum after she committed suicide by hanging in the family home.

    Allman Suzanne

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    87) Years of success with the Rewind Technique
    I have been using the Rewind technique for many years with great success from road traffic accidents, ex miltary to witnesses of murder - over the years I have completed much training in the trauma field and 90% of the time use the Rewind techniq ...

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    88) Horrendous Abuse. One session of the Rewind brings about release after working with her before for 9 months
    Just wanted to report back on a client I worked with last week ... She scored 61 on IES but left the session looking so light and released. I have just had another session with her and her score was 5 for this week ! This is a client who I have been ...

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    89) Flashbacks of abusive father
    The client couldn't put a finger on what changed after the Rewind but the recurrent flashbacks of the abusive father (now deceased) faded and the power of the flashbacks changed. When he pops into my clients head, instead of being re-traumatised ...

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    90) Rewind helps 16 year old bullied
    I continue to use Rewind with clients and have attached two more:
    • client age 16. Experienced bullying. Anxiety and confusion around this event.Score before Rewind-54 Score after Rewind-29.
  • Female age 36 presented with anxiety following br ...

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    91) "Staggering result" says clinical psychologist after treating over ten year history of sexual assault successfully
    I had a client - aged in her late 20s - who was still experiencing intrusive memories from an incident of sexual assault by a 17 year old man when she was just 10 years old. I think this has been at the root of quite a few of her issues, especially a ...

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    92) Sexually Abused as a Teenager, 38 year old successfully treated with the Rewind
    Another case study for you. A 38 year old woman who was sexually abused as a teenager. Her initial score was 52. I re-tested her 4 weeks later and her score was 6. Amazing!

    Dr Rick Norris, C.Psychol
    Mobile 07932-002795 ...

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    93) Store Manager Held at Gunpoint
    After I attended your course at Winchester in March 2011 I used Rewind with a male store manager who was suffering severe PTSD after being robbed and assaulted at gunpoint. He was having severe nightmares and was so traumatised that he could not leav ...

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    94) Rewind with a prisoner who has been transferred to our prison after 31/2 years in a Thai prison
    I did one session of Rewind that I told you about and the following week the Client said "nothing had really changed" but the following week he reported that he was now sleeping so much, with no flashbacks after 3 1/2 years , that he had a ...

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    95) 12 years of flashbacks after murdering wife - unexpected outcome with the Rewind
    An interesting development with the Client, who 12 years ago killed the woman he loved, has been that because he 'watched' the events he was suddenly able to realise that there was no other course his life could have taken, that he was hurtling towar ...

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    96) 18 year old male with cerebral palsy suffering from flashbacks and nightmares after sexual abuse
    One particular student-a young 18 year old male "S" with cerebral palsy had been complaining of regular flashbacks and nightmares with regard to sexual abuse from a former friend in 2010.He initially scored 36 on our first meeting ...

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    97) Four years of guilt and distress...a very useful case to keep in mind when using the Rewind
    I just wanted to let you know that I performed your technique on my client.  Her pre score was 55 after two weeks she scored 52.  I went over the stages with her and asked if she had completed her 'story' which she had not she had only done ...

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    98) Fourteen year old raped 18 months before. Claustrophobia in 77 year old since age 7 - Success with the Rewind
    Following the training day I attended 12.11.11 at Banbury North Oxon Counsellors group I am forwarding details of 2 clients I have worked with experiencing symptoms of PTSD.
  • The 1st Girl age ...

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    99) Child abuse, Bullying, Personal Attack, Motorbike Accident all successfully treated with the Rewind
    I attended your workshop in Birmingham this year, though I have used the Rewind for years after having read your book. Since the course I have used it about 4 times.
  • Once for a prison officer who had been attacked by a prisoner
  • another ...

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    100) Eighteen Months of a Recurring nightmare, without any clear traumatic event stopped with the Rewind
    Have used the Rewind technique with marvellous results for this man. IES score prior to treatment was 34 and two weeks later is 0. Here, in his own words is his account: My experiences with a really plagueing nightmare began about a year to ...

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    101) Distressing childhood event responsible for nightmares, hallucinations and TMJ resolved by Rewind
    Since I have had the rewind technique, using a particular event from childhood which was distressingI h have no nightmares / hallucinations. I have had no symptoms of anxiety and I feel I am able to look upon my childhood experiences without feeling ...

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    102) Rewind successfully used for prison officer after a riot
    I used the technique on a prison officer who had had a traumatic experience with a riot that almost got out of hand.  Outwardly, he appeared calm and did everything according to the book.   As there was no riot, no one thought it neces ...

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    103) Successful use of the Rewind for two cases - Rape and Traumatic Grief
    Client A, female, had an extremely abusive marriage which she left, still fearful of her husband. I treated her successfully using Rewind twice for 2 memories with PTSD symptoms regarding rape and brutality. She can recall those situations now a ...

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    104) Rape Crisis Centre Peterborough confirms amazing results with Rewind
    I’m sorry it has taken so long to return your e-mail. Sally left in August and I have now taken over her position. We have had 4-5 volunteers use the Rewind technique ( including myself) and those who have used this technique have fou ...

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    105) Abuse, Holiday Tragedy, Traumatic Experience With Daughter. Three people successfully treated with Rewind
    • I worked with an adult who had a traumatic experience with his daughter which resulted in huge anxiety, greatly reduced after treatment
  •  A young person who underwent extreme verbal abuse from a carer was able to finally "move on" after t ...

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    Victim Support Rape Counselling Service Wolverhampton 1994
    Dr. David  Muss L.M.S.S.A, 0n behalf of myself and the Counsellors al Victim Support Counselling Service, may I thank you for the training and support you have provided regarding your Rewind tech ...

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